The Maritime Industry And New Technologies
The maritime industry is increasingly using technologies to support its customers in time-saving and administrative processes, and the Internet and information technology have been revolutionized.

Traditionally, a transport chain includes a multitude of activities that take place at different points and are carried out by transferring paper documents and manual processes. The application of the Internet and IT has altered the entire scenario by integrating the various techniques and bringing significant efficiency across the chain.

The Internet is fostering new ways of doing business today.

  • Internet adoption has become the choice of the industry to increase the level of efficiency and reduce the price of processes substantially.

  • Business processes are increasingly being web-enabled within the maritime industry to take advantage of emerging technologies.

  • The efficiency and competitiveness of various economic activities has been enhanced by information technology and has taken center stage today.

Trade and commercial software are the software required for ship operations.
Power plant maintenance software, loading software, navigational software and marine software are the trade software.
Commercial software includes cargo management software, port information software and others.

With the use of new technology and the Internet as an information and communication medium, professional shipping companies such as HS Lanka Pvt Ltd reduces the gap between the provider of services and the customer, resulting in lower demand for intermediaries and greater assurance of profitability.
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